To sum it up simply, I enjoy life. We only have once chance on this journey and I want to make the most of every opportunity that is given to me. I feel very blessed and love my family and friends. Seeing others smile and laugh around me makes my heart happy.

At any given moment you may find me: cooking, being silly with my three sweet kiddos, walking our schnauzer, laughing with my husband, designing, at the beach with family, hiking a trail, baking with my daughter, picking up toys, and all the while thanking my Lord and Savior for His grace, faithfulness and love.

As a photographer, it is a joy for me to create images for families to cherish. Freezing life for a moment is a pretty cool thing and I love doing it.

My style in a few words: clean, colorful and timeless.

As a designer, I love the freedom to create; to visually communicate something new and fresh that grabs your attention. I have had some great working experiences in Chicago, central Virginia and Nashville designing for marketing agencies, universities and the hospitality industry. I have also had the privilege of independently working with other outstanding clients.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and getting to know my style. I look forward to speaking with you soon!